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This shoot meant the world to me because it brought back memories of growing up not being allowed to wear the color yellow. It was meant to protect me because of the names I was being called, “derogatory” names like Yellowman Daughta, which is interesting because Yellowman is an iconic reggae singer, who’s also a multiple cancer survivor who’s inspired millions of people globally. Being a kid I didn’t realize this, I just knew that being called that name was not a nice thing and it took me a long time to take it as a compliment. When I walked into this shoot for Globestyle Magazine, saw the yellow balloons, yellow backdrop by @caitdo and then I saw bad ass stylist and fashion editor Odessa Paloma taking out these beautiful yellow pieces from designers like Simone Rocha, I broke down in tears and told her my story of what it was like for me not being allowed to wear one of my fave color, and how much this means to me to be wearing it now, because I’m beyond confident and proud of my bad ass look and personality today.

Thank you so much for this awesome and amazing blessing, I am truly honored. It was a pleasure working with each and every one of the GANGSTA team below and please check out the interview, link located in my profile.

Photographer: @renatakaveh
Styling: @odessapaloma
Editorial Direction: @andrew_sardone
Art Direction: @benj_macdonald
Set Design: @caitdo
Interview by @randibergman
Makeup: @robertweirbeauty
Hair (braids): @bimzelglamz
Manicure: @wendyrorong for @plutinogroup