America's Next Top Model

It’s important for each and everyone of us to share our story because you never know what it can do to help someone on their journey. In the entertainment industry, I noticed quite a lot of people don’t tell the real deal of what it took for them to get to where they’re at today, people tend to sugar coat the real journey. When I started out as an inspiring model, I met a lot of  other aspiring models along my journey, and pretty much all of them did not know how to go about getting in the business, I was also one of them but I researched and figured it out. When I met the other aspiring models, I didn’t hesitate to share with them the same information I found for myself, I choose to do that because first, sharing was the right thing to do and second, I knew I wasn’t blessed with the opportunities for me to keep for myself. However, not a lot of people think that way, especially in our industry. It was an honour and a pleasure for me to be given a platform such as America’s Next Top Model to share my experiences, expertise and advice in the hopes of inspire someone to Love themselves, Own who they are, Believe in themselves and Persevere despite their circumstances to fulfilling their dreams and goals in life.